16. September 2015

A trip to the south of Tuscany

To achieve the best possible quality with a small and light equipment I decided on the CANON EOS M3 with the viewfinder DC1 and the lenses EFM 11-22mm, EF-M 18-55mm and EFM 55-200mm.
I can say my favorite lens on my week-long trip in the southern tuscany was the EFM 11-22mm.

The EOS M3 has impressed me. The foldable display I use when I take photos from a low height or if I hold the camera just once in a fountain. ...So …of course not under water! The electronic viewfinder is perfect for photography under extreme light-conditions. When I photographed direct into the sunlight or in situations where it was too dark for the eye it was helpful to use the VF for adjusting the motives.
So I could concentrate on my motives and implement things in images so that they correspond to my personal point of view.

I have taken photos at really special places, for example:

• The park of Niki de Saint Phalle, 
• Etruscan tombs and The Mysterious "quarried" or "cut" paths: enormous, narrow corridors cut deep into the tufo rock dating from the 9th century BC, 
• Very special beaches 
and of course 
• Small towns few tourists.

To describe the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle, that would be a bit too much here. I tried to show the sculptures something different, the very colorful sculpture of the moon I have photographed in direct backlit with the sun, so it seems almost as a shilouette. With a appropriate exposure I achieved exciting drawings in heaven and impressive depth in the images.

Sculpture Moon • ISO 100 • 17mm • 1/2000sec • f/11,0

Even the really lively fountain is photographed against the light. With a 15mm focal length I could hold the camera almost in the middle of the fountain. Little water splashes on the lens provide the specific points of light in the image. Slightly underexposed impresses the image with great contrasts.

Fountain • ISO 2000 • 15mm • 1/4000sec. • f/9,0

After this lively colored sculptures, that were created with an incredible attention to the details and fineness I can recognize why it has taken over many years to completed the park in its present form, we went to special places of the past.
We drove to the sunken paths and tuff graves of the Etruscans. The magic of this place I would not like to describe, every visitor should discover this place for itself. Deep Pathways, which seemed scratched into the stones, in a way that the light can´t fall to the ground, even not on a very sunny day. The old graves in the mountain were especially dark.  I only could see something when I used the electronic viewfinder with the settings with which I photographed.

Grove• ISO 12800 • 12mm •1/20sec. • f/5,6
Paths• ISO 1600 • 11mm • 1/20sec. • F/5,6

The particular light of Tuscany can be admired there at all locations. Everything seems a little bit in HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) because, where shadows are presumed we could recognize all the details and where we think the light would dazzle us, only the soft brightness of a seemingly gentle sun appears.

small Town•ISO 400 • 22mm • 1/15sec • f5,6

On the way to the beach, where no one is building sandcastles, the trick is to give the driftwood special statics that it carries towels, we drove through a nature reserve of special quality. Relaxed cows admire the tourists and it appears they have taken over the calmness of the nature there.

road • ISO 100 • 22mm • 1/125sec • f 4,5
cows • ISO 100 • 41mm • 1/160sec • f 5,0
beach • ISO 100 • 18mm • 1/400sec • f 4,5

As far as a few impressions of a trip to southern Tuscany. 

Merci to Canon 
The EOS M3 .. is now on my wish list. 
Particularly the operation in M-Mode with direct access to the key settings and the clarity of the electronic view finder have convinced me. That the quality of the recording is excellent, I think that does not need to be mentioned in a special way.

Tuscany and  Park-Niki Saint Phalle

Eberhard Schuy
Idea and organization in Italy: 
Friederike Virgina Führer

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